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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not all burgers are created equal...

That's important, especially when you consider that the average guy will consume 100 of them this year.

The way you pick your favorite fixes—from burgers to banana splits—could help you make the transition from chubby to chiseled.

Take America's two most famous burgers: the Whopper with Cheese and the Big Mac. A fair fight, right? Well, if you go for the Arch alternative, you'll save 220 calories over the BK behemoth. Use that strategy for every burger you eat in 2009, and you'll save 22,000 calories—the equivalent of almost 10 pounds of body fat.

The most effective weight-loss strategy doesn't require you to abandon the foods you love but simply to make better choices when selecting them. Do that and you'll trade failed diets and wild weight fluctuations for healthy eating patterns and a lean, new you. And once you learn how it's done, you can stay that way forever. Who wouldn't make that swap?

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