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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My recipe for fat loss burning apple delight...

I was watching the season premiere of one of my
favorite TV shows, 'The Office' the other night and on the
show, the whole office staff was doing a fat loss
challenge..., I loooove this show, but there was one scene where
one of the office workers catches one of the employees
eating peanut butter-

-well, the guy eating the peanut butter gets reemed out for
eating 'fatty food'!


Peanut Butter is not bad for fact, all natural
peanut butter, almond butter and other nut butters are
fantastic sources of healthy fats that will actually make
you burn more fat faster...

...yes, it is higher in calories, but that doesn't mean it
isn't healthy or can't be part of a fat burning lifestyle...

So try this for a super healthy and delicious snack:

1. Take an apple and remove the core (keep the skin on)

2. Slice it 5 times so you are left with 6 circular slices

3. Take a tablespoon of all natural peanut or almond butter
and spread it on three of the slices.

4. Take the other 3 naked apple slices and stick 'em on the
buttered ones to make 3 tasty little fat burning apple
delight sandwiches.

Eat 'em and enjoy...YUM!

...but you'd never enjoy this awesome recipe if you watched
TV when I did, as you might be tempted to continue thinking
all Peanut Butter is a BAD FOOD CHOICE.

So again, with all of the misinformation and confusion out
there about nutrition, you have to stay on top of things...

...if you're shopping for nut butters in your grocery store,

Many of the top brands out there include the dreaded fat
storing High Fructose Corn Syrup as one of the main the deadly partially hydrogentated check the ingredients on label and look for 2
things: peanuts and salt...that's it!

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