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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The German Secret to Fat Loss

Back in the 30s, two Germans, a track coach and a doctor, discovered a breakthrough in fitness and fat loss. They realized that doing a short burst of activity followed by a short rest was the best way burn fat fast and to exercise.

Using the their technique, athletes sprinted 200 meters and then rested for a short period.

Then they repeated it, doing the exact same thing. And again.

Their atheletes broke world record after world record and saw tremendous fat loss. The first man to run the mile in under 4 minutes, Roger Bannister, used this type of workout.

It's now called called high-intensity interval training.

But few people are conditioned enough to do it.

Could most of us sprint the length of 2 football fields and then be ready to do it again after a 90-second break? I'd venture to say, no.

But progressivity is a better way to do it and you can burn fat in minutes a day.

No need to start with a high-intensity workout, rather we work our way up. How? We just have to tax ourselves a little bit more as it becomes easier.

Yes, you can get the benefits of high-intensity training, regardless of the level you start at, meaning that you can expand your lung capacity, protect your heart, and see a lot of fat loss by making small, incremental changes along the way.

First, pick an activity that you enjoy. Something like bicycling and swimming that will give your heart and lungs a bit of a challenge. Your beginning workouts will depend on your current level of fitness.

Some guidelines:

Begin with light stretching and a light warm-up before each session.

Make it 20 minutes every other day.

Take it easy and increase gradually.

Increase the intensity of the exercise as you get into better shape,

Later, break the 20 minutes of exercise into shorter "mini-intervals" of exercise and rest periods.

Use shorter and shorter intervals. This way you can easily and gradually up the intensity.

Follow all 20-minute sessions with a light activity "cool down" for a couple of minutes to help reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

As the going gets easier, put your focus on increasing the intensity. As your body adapts, take it up a notch. You should never feel lightheaded.

Being slightly winded and panting is what you're striving for and you'll begin to see that fat loss you desire!

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