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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Exercise Mistake Proven to Damage Your Heart?

Research effectively shows that years of strenuous cardiovascular exercise can damage your heart.

The vast majority of those who exercise are choosing to do some form or aerobic or cardio activity. This research now supports the notion that this choice is likely not your best one over the long run.

Conventional cardio may actually be counterproductive... So, although most people who read this are not exercising nearly enough, it’s still important to understand that it is indeed possible to over-exercise—especially if your primary focus is on traditional cardio.

The point is, too much of something that is normally good for you can have the reverse effect.

Unless you’re engaged in high-level or elite endurance training, this information may be of little value—you certainly shouldn’t use it to further avoid exercising at all! Exercise is absolutely necessary for high-level wellness, but reducing your risk of heart disease is usually not the main reason you exercise.

You exercise because it makes you feel better, and for most, it helps keep your weight at an optimal level. It’s also one of the best treatments for insomnia and reducing insulin resistance, as well as being a wonderful aid in the treatment of depression. So the reasons to exercise are many.

If you start slow, and most importantly, listen to your body, you shouldn’t run into the problem of exerting yourself excessively.

If you’re a serious athlete, however, you may want to reconsider how you train.

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